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We’d love to have you join us in France!

If you like our blog, you might want to consider one of our sojourns.

In every location, Sojourner Tours’ signature features ensure that you will have a truly unique vacation: you’ll be a member of a small intimate group, your itinerary will offer you an uncommon perspective on popular travel destinations, and you’ll enjoy exceptional food and wine experiences.

You have your own travel style too.  So that you can choose a vacation suited to the way you like to travel, Sojourner Tours offers several types of sojourns in most tour locations:


For fully guided insider’s views of major sights and popular destinations.


For a well-balanced combination of free & guided time to explore lesser known tourist sights.


To gain access to places frequented by locals and have more free-time to explore independently.


Save money by staying in a local cottage, manor house or castle and eating family-style breakfasts and dinners: itineraries are a hybrid of the Off-the-Beaten-Path and Best Kept Secrets sojourns and still include a lunch in a luxury restaurant.

Every sojourn is a week-long stay in a historically significant and beautiful base town where you can unpack and feel at home for the duration of your tour. You will be guided personally by one of the owners of Sojourner Tours who will take you on several day trips to discover their favorite spots so you can immerse yourself in the local culture and culinary traditions of the region where you are sojourning.

You can start selecting your trip using our trip planner by clicking here.