Guessing Game: Best Kept Secrets of Paris

Can you guess where I took this picture?!?


Over the years I’ve become quite intimate with the back streets, local hang-outs and unexpected corners of the city… the better I get to know Paris, the more I love it. I share my favorite spots with my guests on SOJOURNER TOURS Best Kept Secrets and Off-the-Beaten-Path sojourns… and, I thought it would be fun for some of you to test your knowledge and get to know the city better.

Please post your guesses! I love seeing your ideas. 🙂

HINT: This tree top zipline course is located in a special park that is in one of the two “lungs of Paris”. On the east and west side, the city is flanked by huge public parks (far larger than Hyde Park in London or Central Park in New York). The parks were at one time royal hunting forests and Napoleon III turned them over to the people. These large green spaces are considered to play an important roll in refreshing the air in Paris as city’s tend to produce high amounts of carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide which the trees and other plants convert into oxygen. The fun course pictured here is in an area of one of the woods that charges admission during special events (like open air music concerts). Can you guess where it is?

-Lisa (Sojourner Tours owner)

Check back for the correct answer, I’ll post it here in about a week.


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