Guessing Game: Best Kept Secrets of Paris

Can you guess where I took this picture ?


Over the years I’ve become quite intimate with the back streets, local hang-outs and unexpected corners of the city… the better I get to know Paris, the more I love it. I share my favorite spots with my guests on our Best Kept Secrets and Off-the-Beaten-Path sojourns… and, I thought it would be fun for some of you to test your knowledge and get to know the city better.

Please post your guesses! I love seeing your ideas. 🙂

HINT: This is an oasis in the city where you can step out of the hustle bustle and into another world… come for North African or Middle Eastern style sweets and mint tea or enjoy the hammam (a cousin of the sauna)! What few people know is that this place was built by the French government to thank the Muslims from the French colonies who fought for  France during WWI and it later became a refuge for Jews who were persecuted during WWII. I love coming here to treat myself and appreciate the history of compassion this place represents!

-Lisa (Sojourner Tours owner)

Check back for the correct answer, I’ll post it here in about a week.


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