A Postcard from Les Baux-de-Provence

Wish you were here!

A little wedge of a village and a ruined castle… amazing!

My French mother-in-law’s best friend visits Provence often with her daughter and she strongly recommended that we visit Les Baux-de-Provence. Now, this is a tourist destination ( I could tell from the tell-tale myriad of souvenir shops and tourist restaurants in the village leading to the castle, but we were there in June and there weren’t many people there –one of the keys to our business is timing.)  But it is a tourist destination for a good reason. It is stunning. But, we have a plan for situations like this: we always plan to take our guests to locations like this during the mid-season so they can enjoy good weather without throngs of tourists. Timing is EVERYTHING!

My favorite part of the visit were the stairs in the remains of the castle –horrifyingly steep and deeply worn in the middle (like mini-canyons!) from centuries of use and weather. There were falcon shows and demonstrations on the use of catapults (now that is some knowledge that will come in handy back home 😉 )… but frankly, the thing I really love is the natural setting. The castle is integrated into a huge hilltop rock! This is a marriage of geology and architecture on a level I’ve never seen before. Did I say AMAZING?

Our Live-Like-a-Local guests will love it here!

-Lisa (Sojourner Tours owner)

Lisa 2016 Ménerbes
Lisa Gustavson, Sojourner Tours Owner

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