A Postcard from Roussillon

Wish you were here!

Our guest’s itinerary is beginning to come together beautifully! We found another exceptional village to pair with Ménerbes.

As much as I love Ménerbes… visiting one tiny village is hardly enough to constitute a full day for our guests. So our search took us on a lovely drive through the national forest and brought us to the hilltop village of Roussillon which is stunning because of it’s color: red ocher.

The natural setting is striking –escarpments of the ocher colored earth contrast against the lush green vegetation. The village embraces the color of the earth. Once many of the buildings were probably made of the local stone. Now, even the stucco homes are done in the colors of the local geology for a striking effect.

The village feels a bit touristy but it is still truly lovely and there is the possibility to take a short hike down to the old quarry. There is a market here almost every day (except Monday, which is when we visited, and Friday): I’ll  plan to bring our guests here on a market day!

Another great find!

-Lisa (Sojourner Tours owner)

Lisa 2016 Ménerbes
Lisa Gustavson, Sojourner Tours Owner

2 thoughts on “A Postcard from Roussillon

  1. Bonjour Lisa & Francis,
    The villages all look wonderful!
    I could really see me living in one that is next to a good fishing spot.
    I’m glad you guys are having a great summer.

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