A Postcard from Avignon

Life is not with out disappointment… and Avignon was one.

As a child, I knew about Avignon before I’d even heard of Paris thanks to the song about its legendary bridge. “Sur la pont d’Avignon, On y danse…” But, that isn’t what created my great expectations: Avignon was HIGHLY recommended to us by a dear old French friend of Francis who is now a professor of French in the States and loved this city enough to move his university’s study-abroad program here from Aix-en-Provence (which we find charming). For years, we’d heard how unbelievably marvelous Avignon is… but, now I fear that friend may have gift for exaggeration.

We’d driven through here before so we knew what to expect when we arrived –the half bridge, the walled city, the majestic Palace of Popes… What we didn’t know was how dirty the streets would be or that few of them would be interesting. Avignon is definitely an important tourist destination and it is well worth it to visit the Palace of Popes (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Avignon Bridge (which I really enjoyed -it is far more fascinating than I had anticipated)… but  our Live-Like-a-Local Sojourns are about having time to explore the places where the throngs of tourists don’t go. The streets here didn’t offer enough to merit be on our tour. We cut it!

Suddenly, instead of fine-tuning the destinations that we’d already visited we are on the hunt for new destinations to create the perfect new day for our Provence Sojourn… there are so many marvelous places to visit: let the fun begin!

-Lisa (Sojourner Tours Owner)


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