A Postcard from Castelnou

Wish you were here!

The tiny feudal village of Castelnou is really one of the Languedoc-Rousillon region’s best kept secrets thanks to it’s remote location. The visitor center told me were among the first Americans to visit this year!

This village’s natural setting and 100% pedestrian cobblestone streets make it such a nice place to slow down and just enjoy living. On past trips, I have really enjoyed visiting the castle that crowns the village  –but this time I just sat back and soaked up the ambiance: lunch with our guests on a terrace overlooking the rolling landscape followed by tea in a cozy shop while they explored the winding streets filled with little art galleries. (This is part of our Best Kept Secrets of the French-Spanish Borderland Sojourn).

INSIDER INFO: We asked if the sheep and goats that roam the surrounding hills are wild and were told (in French) “Yes. They are wild… now. One day, a few years back, their farmer couldn’t manage to round them up, so he just gave up… so now they are wild.” 😉

TRIVIA: In 2015, Castelnou (which ranks among France’s Most Beautiful Villages) ranked seventh in the French TV game show “The French People’s Favorite Village” (Le Village préféré des Français).


Lisa 2016 Castelnou
Lisa Gustavson, Sojourner Tours Owner

3 thoughts on “A Postcard from Castelnou

  1. Great location! Can you drive to Barcelona from where y’all are at? Think you are super close. The small village looks great and can see why it is named one of France’s favorite. Love the cobblestone streets and the castle at the top of the village and just so gorgeous.
    You are so accessible to Spain and the Med and that is so cool. Hopefully, it is near a great wine region~Burgundy? or what? Regards, Gail and Dave S.

    1. Hi Gail! We can take the train to Barcelona from Collioure –but it is a long trip (about 2 1/2 hours). As for wine… there is some lovely wine here. I particularly like one wine house where we hike with our guests –the local wine is called “Collioure”. They make a lovely sweet before-dinner wines called banyuls and not far away rivesalt! (I’ll send a “postcard” about that later 😉 ). I hope your summer is going well!!! -Lisa

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