Another Postcard From Collioure

Wish you were here!

We spent another fabulous week in Collioure, France. While it was raining all over France, we were lucky to be in this little haven of sun! I just love how beautiful the multicolored fishing cottages look drenched in sunlight with the bright blue sky as a backdrop.

We were guiding a wonderful private group: a couple celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. It was such fun that it makes us think that we should offer our regular sojourns as private tours. Hmm. That could be such fun!

During our few free moments, Francis and I had a picnic on the beach, strolled around town, did a little gallery hopping and shopping… I even had a chance to hang out at the beach to read in the sun and wade in the water. It was a great day (Nevermind that when I went home our neighbor had locked me out of the apartment building and I spent half an hour in the street in my bathing suit waving and whistling at our third floor window hoping Francis would see me and come down to let me in –that’s just part of the fun!;) )


Lisa 2016 Collioure
Lisa Gustavson, Sojourner Tours Owner

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