A Postcard From Carcassonne

Wish you were here!

We stopped in Carcassonne on our way to Collioure (a charming little ex-fisherman’s village that we use as a base for our French-Spanish Borderland Sojourn and our new Language Immersion Sojourn).

It is an incredible place. I’d been to Carcasonne before but I was still blown away by the sight of the 53 towers as we approached from the highway: the castle and walled city are just breathtaking.

Carcassonne is one of France’s four most visited places along with the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint Michel and Rocamadour. It is a fortified Medieval city in the Languedoc-Roussillon region that our guests explore during a Best Kept Secrets sojourn but we never included it in an itinerary because it is about an hour and a half from our base and we try to keep our day trips shorter. It is, with good reason, a UNESCO world heritage site. Nevertheless, the temptation to add Carcassonne is great… so of course we checked it out again.

As you might expect, the village adjoining the castle is just teeming with tourist boutiques and tourist restaurants but, surprisingly, few tourists seem to pay to enter the actual castle. So, it is possible (at least during the “low season”) to slip away from the crowds and explore the city from atop the castle walls. I really enjoy the views out over the red-tiled rooftops of the modern city that has grown outside the walls of the original site.

We’ll keep Carcassonne in mind if we develop another itinerary in this region!

-Lisa Gustavson (Sojourner Tours Owner)

DSC_0012 (4)



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