A Postcard from La Roque-Gageac

Wish you were here!

La Roche-Gageac was definitely my favorite village in the Dordogne and Francis agrees that we just absolutely must bring our guests here: La Roche-Gageac will be on our Live-Like-a-Local Castle Sojourn itinerary!

As you can kind-of see in the pictures, this is an incredibly charming place. The little village is a cluster of houses lining the river at the foot of a cliff. There is a castle which makes it really picturesque… but it isn’t a “real” one (it only dates to the turn of the last century). What you cannot see in the pictures are the troglodyte dwellings higher up in the cliff.

The natural setting and the charming architectural structures made this a lovely place to wander. I was shocked, as we wound our way up the hill, by the tropical vegetation –palm trees, bamboo…

We had a really delicious lunch of local foods on a sunny, vine-covered terrace (which you can read about in my post on foie gras on the Sojourner Tours blog) but, when we bring our guests to La Roque-Gageac, I think we should probably rent canoes and have lunch in the neighboring village of Domme.

-Lisa Gustavson (Sojourner Tours Owner)

DSC_0060 (1)


DSC_0064 (1)


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