A Postcard from Rocamadour

I wish I were there!

Francis went to check out the medieval village of Rocamadour without me… and it sounds like I really missed out. I could tell from the twinkle in his eye that this was a really special place. Then, I went to Rocamadour’s tourism website and discovered that this year the village is competing for the title of “The Favorite Village of the French People”. –I guess when I miss out, I really miss out.

Francis told me that the village is basically just one single street that runs along the base of a cliff. He climbed up stairs to visit the marvelous buildings built into the cliff side creating an essentially “vertical village”and said he was stupefied when he raised his head to look up at the 90 degree escarpment.

This village is a stop on the pilgrimage hike of Saint Jacque de Compostelle. According to Francis, the town is named after a fellow named Amadour whose body was mysteriously preserved here until it was found long after his death and thus was considered a miracle –pilgrims are still drawn to his crypt in a basilica which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. There are seven other chapels clinging to the cliff face making it a charming sight.

This is one of France’s most visited places (along with the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, the Mont Saint Michel and Carcassonne) so it is a “must see” and, despite the souvenir boutiques, Francis would really like to include this village on our Live-Like-a-Local Castle Sojourn (our guests want to see authentic and off-the-beaten-path places, but not at the cost of missing the big sights!)

As you can see, we are going to have a very good problem on our hands when it comes to deciding what places make the final cut for our guests’ itinerary…too many wonderful places to chose from!

-Lisa Gustavson (Sojourner Tours Owner)

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