A Postcard from Padirac

Wish you were here!

We like to offer our guests a variety of different kinds of visits and activities because even though visiting lots of beautiful villages can be fun it could get monotonous. Of course for this new itinerary we need to consider including caves! The region where we will base our Live-Like-a-Local  Castle Sojourn is known for caves like Lascaux which is famous for its exceptional cave drawings.

Francis checked out the Gouffre de Padirac. He says it is incredible because, as you can see in the pictures, you descend deep into a hole in the ground and once there you discover an underground river where gondolas are waiting to transport you deeper into the cave!!! He loved it and said it is a definite possibility for our tour, except it is a bit further away than we’d like. We are also considering the Cave Peche Merle.

-Lisa Gustavson (Sojourner Tours Owner)

DSC_0012 (4)


2 thoughts on “A Postcard from Padirac

  1. Hi Lisa
    Paul here from Georgetown Texas,
    That underground river sounds cool.
    I hope you Francis and the kiddos are having a great time.

    1. Bonjour Paul! We are working very hard… but as you can see, it is the most marvelous kind of work there could be! 🙂 Thanks for the note.

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