A Postcard from Auvillar

Wish you were here!

I’m in Auvillar with Francis now. What a charming village! It is very popular with artists. In addition to the group of painters with whom Francis is working, tonight we had dinner with a group of poets from the States who’ve come to seek inspiration! What I love most is that this village feels very authentic… despite the enchanting architecture and the lovely hillside setting overlooking a river, there aren’t tourist shops here! 🙂 I see pilgrims hiking through town along the route of the Camino de Santiago at all times of day. And, this week-end there was a traditional vintner’s festival in which towns people of all ages dressed like 18th century peasants. So quaint! What a treasure.

I think this would be a wonderful stop on our Live-Like-a-Local Castle Sojourn… but Francis reminds me there are many contestants!

-Lisa Gustavson (Sojourner Tours Owner)

DSC_0012 (4)


4 thoughts on “A Postcard from Auvillar

    1. Wonderful! You will be drinking some fabulous wines over there! 🙂 I hope you’ll have a chance to drive inland to discover this part of the Dordogne and the Perigord!!!

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