The Countdown Begins

It’s just weeks before we leave for France!

Francis will be the first to go. He’s leaving early to work on what he calls his “castle sojourn”. That’s right! He is developing a Live-Like-a-Local Sojourn in which our guests will be able to stay in a real castle.

I’ll be joining him two weeks later.

We have two boys (aged 7 & 10): the youngest will travel with me, the older will fly to France with his classmates to do a home-stay (our boys both attend a French language-immersion school which has an exchange with a school in a village near Bordeaux).

The first part of our stay is dedicated to research to develop the itinerary for the new “castle sojourn”.

When Francis first realized we could offer our guests the opportunity to stay in a castle at a lower cost than staying in a charming boutique hotel, he began looking into one of the regions richest in small castles: the Dordogne.

The Dordogne is far from where he grew up and will be a new discovery for both of us. It promises to be packed with castles, fabulous natural landscapes and luscious foods… We are really excited to explore it and share our adventures with you!

Francis is preparing for departure by locating all the castles that could best accommodate our guests and listing the interesting sights, artisans and restaurants near them. We’ll have A LOT to visit.

Each time we develop a new itinerary we visit far more places than we could ever pack into a tour itinerary so that we can take our guests to only the best that each region has to offer. We strive to find a balance of impressive/well-known experiences and charming but humble authentic ones.

Francis is basing our research sojourn in one of the “most beautiful villages in France”: Auvillar. I can’t wait!

THE SUMMER DESTINATIONS PLAN: From Dordogne, we’ll head to Collioure where we are going to be working with two groups. Then we’ll do some research in Provence, head up to Besancon and finish the summer in Paris!



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